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At this web store you can buy clean recorded multi drum tracks from different genres and styles created for songwriters, producers, bands and artists.

What you get with ONE Joker Drum Track Song:


At least 3 different versions of every song part (use it for more than just one song!)* Learn more…


Dry and mix-ready multi tracks of a acoustic drum set (no hyped or over-processed single tracks) Learn more…


One processed stereo-mix of all versions for a faster songwriting or use in the final production. Learn more…


24-bit, 48KHz, .wav-Format, finale edited for fast looping and arranging parts on your own

Multi Drum Tracks

Two microphones on kick and snare, stereo overheads, single toms, hi-hat, ride cymbal and one mic behind the drummer

Feel and Knowledge

Created by songwritingers, drummers and recording-engineers, produced in a optimized acoustical environment

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Drums at the recording studio

More informations

Parts and versions

1 JDT Song → has up to 5 parts (intro, verse, chorus, c-part, outro) → every part has at least 3 different versions (Please read the product description to see what is included in the specific JDT song)

The difference of versions from one part depends on the specific song. As example it could be a different bass drum figure or one time with a played hi-hat and the other time without a cymbal. In a chorus it could be a closed hi-hat or a smashed crash cymbal.

Just choose the parts thats suits your song and feeling and build up the final track. You can use the drum parts as you like and double or combine them.

We choose to create „typically“ versions for each song part but you can and should break „the rules“.

For example use one c-part as your intro, one chorus as your main verse and another chorus version as your main chorus. You will see that you can create very flexible different songs and be creative just with one JDT song.

So with just one JDT song you get at least 15 different drum parts* to create one or more songs.

Do you have any further questions? Please check out the FAQ.

Recording and multi drum tracks

We choose the equipment to get the sound we want to produce for the specific song styles.  Please read the production description to see which multi drum tracks are included in a specific JDT song. Mostly all drum kits are recorded with the following setup.

  • kick (bass drum inside)
  • bass drum (bass drum outside)
  • snare top
  • snare bottom
  • tom hi (tom 1)
  • tom mid (tom 2) (if it is used in the setup up)
  • tom low (tom 3)
  • hihat
  • ride
  • overhead left
  • overhead right
  • drummer back side (a ribbon mic behind the drummer, facing the snare drum)


You get mostly dry recorded multi drums tracks with a touch of eq and compression before we hit the converters of our recording system.

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Stereo-Mix for songwriting

Beside the multi drum tracks we created for every version of every part a final processed stereo mix with EQ, compression, saturation and a bit of room sound/verb. With that stereo files it is very handy to pre-listen the versions right from the folder of your finder (macOS) or explorer (Windows). Secondly it is very easy to deal with just some stereo files when you arrange your songs with the drum parts.

If the sound already match your visions – great! Just use the stereo-mix for your final song mix. If not – just replace the stereo mix files with the dry and unprocessed single multi drum tracks and make your own drum sound as you like.

Folder example of JDT multi drum tracks

Do you have any further questions? Please check out the FAQ.