A little story

Real played drum tracks

Joker Drum Tracks – JDT – was not a business idea at the beginning.

Some years ago I worked with a client on one of his songs. He had his guide guitar and vocal tracks ready and I did the arrangement with other instruments, also the drums which I first programmed with a virtual drum plugin that I know for some years. But the client did not liked the virtual drums at all. The style and programmed parts were good for him but all in all it dosen’t felt „right“ for him. By working with many musicians that is not a unnormal feeling about virtual drumming.

So I hired a session drummer for a drum tracking session in a recording studio. At the recording day the client was not able to come to the studio by a personal situation so the drummer and I had to do the tracking on our own. Through the virtual drums I knew what the client was looking for his song but at the recording stage I was not really sure anymore if he would like the first take. I asked the drummer if he has another idea and so we recorded for every song part up to 3 different versions.

Later in the producing process I choose together with the client the best versions for his song, changed here and there some hits and fills and at the end of the day he was very happy with his drum track. For me it was a great working experience to have some option but also be limited in some ways that you have to decided what works best for you and go on in the process.

Some month later I needed some drum tracks for my own songs and startet to build up a little collection.

At this time the idea for a web store with some tracks comes into my mind and a few years later I had enough tracks of different styles together to set it up.